Your ads should be as smart as your AI.

Support your generative AI app with prompt-relevant ads that enhance your user experience.


"Google ads can't do that"

With generative AI, you never know what your users will come up with. Neither do advertisers. Stratos delivers relevant ads to improve your users' experience and cover your compute costs.

Privacy First

Prompt-based ads target what your users want, not who your users are. No tracking or cookies needed.

Improve User Experience

Good ads are features, not distractions. Deliver native, generative ads that answer users' questions and fit your site's look and feel.

Context-Driven Ads

Stratos converts prompts to relevant context data to deliver the most relevant ad for each prompt.

How it works

As easy as Google Ads

Prompt Analytics

Understand your users.

Identify usage trends across prompts and measures user engagement by topic. Use Stratos Analytics with or without ads.

Connect Ads

Add Stratos' javascript snippet to your site.

Our integrations team can help set up native ads that integrate with your output, look, and feel.

Send user prompts to Stratos' API

Stratos uses high speed AI to analyze prompts and tell advertisers what your users are interested in – and add context for users.

Show Relevant Ads

Stratos ads are dynamically targeted to your users' interests to offer greater relevance and higher click-through-rates.

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